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participants in fantasy games redefine leisure sports

by Joseph P. Flood

The fundamental appeal of fantasy sports, or fantasy leisure as it is also known, is that it brings participants closet to the games they love. Thanks to the World Wide Web, people have no limits in discovering obscure research and statistics on their favorite players, or hunting for new opponents around the globe. [ more ]

NBA Unveils Official ''2005-06 All-NBA First Team - Fantasy'' Award;

New Award, 130 Player Statistical Categories and

Groundbreaking NBA Fantasy Games in Chinese and Spanish

Highlight Unprecedented Fantasy Offerings

participants in fantasy games redefine leisure sports

Business Wire, Oct 19, 2005

The National Basketball Association has unveiled its most comprehensive fantasy line-up for the upcoming 2005-06 NBA Season, including the first-ever "All-NBA First Team - Fantasy" Award, which will mark [ more ]

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Ultimate Fantasy Sports

PC Magazine, April, 2003

Ultimate Fantasy Sports dates back to 1988, and its pre-Web roots are plainly visible. Most of the site is little more than long blocks of text and page after page of chart data. [ more ]

Fantasy Football

by Joseph P. Flood

The Post's Sonny Amato was online Monday, Aug. 22, at 2 p.m. ET to discuss his Sunday Source article, How to Win at Fantasy Football. [ more ]