Ultimate Fantasy Sports

PC Magazine, April, 2003

Ultimate Fantasy Sports dates back to 1988, and its pre-Web roots are plainly visible. Most of the site is little more than long blocks of text and page after page of chart data. Other than UFS's weekly newsletter, most news and other nonstat information comes from sites such as CBS SportsLine and RotoWire.

UFS boasts that its annual fee of roughly $200 per team, depending on the game and team type, covers all costs. What sets UFS apart is that it offers lifetime leagues across four sports: baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. Teams continue from season to season so that the roster you worked so hard to create doesn't vanish at the end of the season. One-year teams are also available, and there is a $60 fee if you decide to back out of a lifetime team.

The service offers extras such as live drafts via phone conference, AOL chat, or e-mail. Better still, several cash prizes are awarded, including one to the best-performing team of the week. There is no commissioner game, and all rules are set by UFS. You're there to draft, trade, meet new people, and trade some more.

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