Chicago Bears Playoffs Why The Chicago Bears Will Make The Playoffs in

In 2004 the Chicago Bears went 5-11, and were one of the worst teams in the National Football League. The Bears allowed 66 Sacks on their various quarterbacks, and were last in the league in just about every major offense category.So how do the Chicago Bears have even a remote chance at making the playoffs in 2005?.The biggest reason the Bears are improved this year, is because Kyle Orton will have a couple of weeks to work out his timing with the 1st unit offense. Rex Grossman has a plus arm, but does not have the durability to be an NFL quarterback.

If you have 66 sacks in a season on a QB than not all of the blame can be placed on the quarterback of a team. That is the reason why the pro-bowl offensive lineman, John Tait, moved over to the Left Tackle position. Tait knew it would be easier for the Bears to acquire a Right Tackle than a Left Tackle, and decided to move positions so that he could protect Kyle Orton. The Bears picked up the pro-bowler RT Fred Miller in the off-season, to shore up the right side of their offensive line. With Ruben Brown and Olin Kreutz, the Chicago Bears will have 4 former pro-bowlers anchoring their offensive line.The Chicago Bears also improved their receiving core in the offseason.

They acquired one of the best free agents in the market in Muhsin Muhammad. Not only will Muhammad be a great receiving option for Orton, but he will able to tutor a lot of the young receiving core on the Bears. Justin Gage, a young tall receiver, will benefit from Muhammad's presence, as well as newcomer, Mark Bradley.The Chicago Bears have also improved their play-calling ability, with their new offensive coordinator, Ron Turner.

Turner was successful with the Bears in the mid-90s, when Erik Kramer posted some of the best numbers of his career. Kyle Orton has already stated that the offense is further ahead at this point than they were with Terry Shea, and with Cedric Benson joining the Bears running game, the Bears will be an offensive force to be reckoned with.The Chicago Bears defense was solid in 2004, despite the fact that every game they were on the field the entire time. Mike Brown is healthy this year, Charles Tillman is healthy, and with Jerry Azumah, Nathan Vasher, Brian Urlacher, and Lance Briggs, the Bears defense could dominate this year.The National Football League is designed with free agency for last place teams to turn it around quickly, and for first place teams to fade. The Bears have a light schedule, and have a beefed up team.

The Chicago Bears will make the playoffs in 2005, and end a drought of pain and suffering for football fans in Chicago.

.Benjamin Nicholson
Scout and Sports Analyst
http://www. Nicholson has been covering the National Football League for 10 years. He is currently a scout for a major sports team, and most recently has been covering the history of the Chicago Bears.

By: Benjamin Nicholson

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